About our company

Special engineering parts of the highest quality

We are a trading company that has been operating on the Slovak market since 1997, so we can offer you  proven suppliers, our experience and customer care at an above-standard level, as evidenced by  our references .

Why work with us?

Read the  TOP 7 reasons why our customers recommend us to their friends
  1. Quick customer service response
  2. High quality and top design awarded with a series of prices
  3. Wide range also supported by 3D models
  4. High-quality central warehouse in Vienna and Bratislava
  5. Adherence to delivery deadlines
  6. Long-term cooperation and friendly employees of the company
  7. Clear websites and catalogs

The high quality of our range is also based on quality certificates
  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VDA 6.1, PQA for metallurgical material, IPQC for testing in the production process and OQC for output control. All our products comply with ROHS guidelines.

Allianz comprehensive insurance for entrepreneurs:

The company has comprehensive liability insurance for Allianz damage up to 100,000 euros.

Assortment overview:

Our range consists of the following groups of engineering components:

1. Elements for sheet metal and profiles: press nuts, screws, posts (threaded presses) for sheet metal (from 0.6 mm), Prima Maxi 450 and Prima Inserter presses

In the Slovak Republic, we were pioneers in the technology of pressing elements into thin sheet metal. We have been cooperating with a major European manufacturer of pressing elements for several years.

In r. In 2005 we started cooperating with a certified manufacturer of pressing elements from Asia. Over time, our activities have gained such dynamism that we currently export press elements and related products to the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Hungary.

2. Rivet nuts

3. Cage nuts, Welding screws, Tear rivets, Flexible quick connectors in sheet metal

4. Threaded inserts for metal, plastic, wood (thread repair, thread armouring – light alloys)

For the Recoil range (spring threaded inserts), we received from all European retailers in 2005 from Alcoa Fastening Systems Ltd. price for the highest dynamics of trade turnover.

IMP Kontakt is a certified supplier of engineering components, which in 2016 celebrated the company’s 19th anniversary. Our company has been working for many years, so you can expect experience and technical advice from them.

Our motto: Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.