Business conditions


We accept the Order of goods only in the form of email or fax (written form). In exceptional cases, it is possible to temporarily book the goods by phone until we receive a written order. We accept the order by sending a confirmation of receipt of the order or confirmation of the order by e-mail. The confirmation includes the price of the goods, quantity, the estimated time of delivery or any other relevant information. In some cases, we require confirmation from the customer that he accepts our terms of delivery (minimum order quantity, long delivery time, etc.). Orders received before 11:30 will be processed first.


The price of the goods is stated on the invoice, in the quotation and when confirming the order.
The basic price applies to the unit quantity. For this price we provide a rebate. The Sales Department is authorized to adjust the rebate on the basis of additional information from customers. In special cases, the Sales Department usually offers customers a special price. The Sales Department is always willing to discuss prices with the customer. Our goal is to have satisfaction on both sides.


The expected delivery date of the goods is stated in the quotation, or in the order confirmation. We can guarantee delivery time for goods in stock. In other cases, we are forced to rely on the correctness of information from our suppliers. We consider the delivery date as preliminary; it may change based on new facts. In most cases, the delivery time cannot be significantly affected. Its shortening can sometimes be achieved by using courier or airplane transportation (transportation is paid by the customer, unless otherwise agreed).


The payment terms were created specifically for the mechanical engineering segment. We tried to accept the machine specifics to the maximum extent possible.

Payment by invoice is possible by prior arrangement. (invoice maturity may be increased by agreement with the Sales Department).

The goods are the property of IMP Kontakt spol. s r.o. until the customer pays the invoice.
We send goods to cash on delivery or pre-invoice or by agreement to new customers.
We also send cash on delivery/pre-invoice goods to customers whose payment discipline has deteriorated recently.

When exporting outside the Slovak Republic, we invoice goods without VAT only to those customers who are registered as VAT payers in these countries (VAT ID check).

We are obliged to charge other customers with VAT. For orders below 20 EUR, we charge a handling fee of 3 EUR. Go to the electronic invoice to save the environment. Since 01.01.2019 our company has switched to electronic invoicing. This service is free, environmentally friendly and clear. You will receive the electronic invoice as a PDF file directly to your e-mail and is considered a valid accounting document. In case we do not have a contact e-mail for sending an electronic invoice, our Invoicing Department will contact you. Alternatively, please contact us by e-mail or via our website by submitting a form. If you need to have an invoice sent in paper form, we will need to charge you for sending the invoice to an external company.


Goods are sent by courier company (UPS, DPD, GLS, etc.) with delivery usually within 24 hours for Slovakia and within 48 hours for the Czech Republic. End user in Slovakia pays the basic shipping cost (4.90 EUR) up to the order value of 100 EUR. In case of a higher order, the transport costs will be paid by the supplier. Seller in Slovakia pays shipping costs (4.90 EUR) up to the order value of 250 EUR. In the case of a higher order, the supplier will bear the entire shipping costs. For the Czech Republic, basic shipping costs (249 CZK) up to the order value of 2500 CZK. In the case of a higher order, the supplier pays the shipping cost to the end customerSeller in the Czech Republic pays shipping costs (249 CZK) up to the order value of 6000 CZK. In the case of a higher order, the supplier will bear the entire shipping costs. The amounts shown are exclusive of VAT.

We do not charge shipping or packing costs for personal collection of goods.


The goods are packed depending on the product groups. Sheet metal elements are packed in plastic packaging, in quantity according to customer’s request (standard package is about 1000 pcs). The goods are labelled and packed in cartons. These are sealed with company tape, which also guarantees safety during transport. For smaller shipments we use original packaging of transport companies. When delivered (original manufacturer’s packaging) the quantity tolerance is +/- 2 %. IMP Kontakt spol. s r.o. accepts the quantity claim only above this limit.

The customer is obliged to claim any damage to the shipment immediately after delivery. This is the only way to get rid of the responsibility for missing goods in the shipment. The customer attaches a photo of the damaged package to the claim so that we can claim the shipment at the shipping company.


The customer has the possibility to claim incomplete quantity and quality of delivered goods. The supplier accepts the claim within five (5) working days from the delivery of the shipment to the customer. In the case of delivery of an incomplete quantity, the supplier checks its stock status and communicates with the customer until the case is resolved.

In the case of delivery of lower quality or replaced goods, the customer is obliged to return the claimed goods. Based on an agreement with the Sales Department, the customer will receive additional, flawless goods free of charge. If this is not possible, the customer will receive a credit note for the returned goods.


In the case of a request for return of goods due to incorrect ordering by the customer, the percentage of the value of the goods to be covered by our company upon receipt and inspection of the goods will be determined. In case of cancellation of the order of the goods or its part, which we have already ordered and received in the warehouse, the procedure is the same as the incorrect ordering of the goods. Goods can only be returned in the original packaging and in the condition in which it was delivered. Otherwise, the goods cannot be returned. In this case, the transport and packing costs are paid by the customer.

Ing. Miroslav Petráš
Managing Director

Requesting/ordering procedure

You can order or request goods by e-mail.

Price and delivery terms can also be requested directly via the quotation form on our main page

Be sure to write:

  • Your name and business name
  • Phone number
  • Company ID and VAT No
  • Delivery address

Example of confirmed order in pdf. file: potvrdenie_objednavky_vzor.pdf

If you need to know the price of the goods, the delivery date and other information you can ask for a quotation (by e-mail or via the form on our website).

You usually get the answer within one day.

Example of quote in pdf. file: cp_vzor.pdf

We will confirm the delivery date as soon as it is received or after the delivery date is confirmed by our supplier – usually within one working day.