Other fastening parts into metal sheets


    Dopytované položky

    We provide a quantity discount, or special contract prices.

    We make quotations for most elements that exist in the market.

    We supply all steel nuts with a white zinc finish.

    We also offer a powerful welding machine of elements C 66/99.

    The focus of our export activities is the sale of riveting and pressing elements for sheet metal. Our product range is suitably complemented by welding pins and screws, rivets and nuts in the cage. A wide network of suppliers allows us to meet special customer requirements.

    The high level of our customer service and the range of standard quality have enabled us to develop into a major supplier of special fasteners in Central Europe. Well-known Slovak and foreign companies in the field of sheet metal processing have become our customers.

    The sequence of steps required to obtain the ISO 9001: 2009 / ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificates logically resulted in the creation of a quality control department for the goods. It also includes a Rockwell hardness tester with professional service. In this way, we can offer our customers a high standard of service.

    Reasons why you should cooperate with us:

    Read the top 7 reasons why our customers recommend us to their friends and associates (questionnaire, 2016, IMP Kontakt):

    1. Fast feedback from customer service
    2. High quality
    3. Wide range of products
    4. Large inventory of product stocked in Bratislava
    5. Rapid delivery times
    6. Long term cooperation and friendly employees
    7. Clear and easy to navigate websites and catalogues

    The core of our business activities is the sale of rivet nuts and self clinching fasteners.

    Our product range is also composed of made also by welding fasteners, blind rivets and cage nuts. Our wide range net of contacts and suppliers allows us to fulfill all special requests of our customers.

    The high quality of our customer service and sortimentassortment of standard high quality products has enabled us to become one of the most important suppliers of special fastening parts in the Middle Europe. Our satisfied customers have become meaningful include many Slovak and foreign companies in the area of processing of sheet metal sheets.