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    We provide a quantity discount or special contract prices.

    However, we make quotations for most elements that exist on the market.

    We also offer a powerful welding machine for elements C 66/99.

    Tear rivets have a very wide range of uses and serve mainly to create a non-detachable joint of two or more layers of material. Different forces and types of materials can be combined (the most common use is in thin sheets).
    Special riveting pliers are used for their application, and they are either manual, pneumatic or cordless.

    Tear rivets are made of various materials, but the most common is a combination of an aluminum head and a steel mandrel. Stainless steel / stainless steel, steel / steel and more are also available.
    Standard rivets DIN 7337 have a flat head, but there are also versions with a countersunk head, or an extra large head, etc.

    The advantage of blind rivets is high joint strength, high repeatability, very fast application and favorable price.

    PB3400-flashlight riveting gun for blind rivets 4.8-6.4mm
    Pneumatic riveting guns for XT series rivets

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