Self clinching fasteners

The term pressing elements (threaded presses) generally means nuts, screws and bushings that can be pressed into precisely punched holes in sheet metal and profiles . These elements can also be pressed into thin plastic boards (eg printed circuit boards).

For their application, a press is used for mounting pressing elements in sheet metal. We offer the Prima Inserter and Prima Inserter Maxi 450 presses.

World-class sheet metal fasteners

We are a trading company that has been operating on the Slovak market since 1997. As pioneers of sheet metal fastener technology in the Slovak Republic, we are the market leader. Ponúkame kvalitu za výhodné ceny. We offer quality at favourable prices. We provide quantity discount or special contract prices.

In the Slovak Republic, we were pioneers of the technology of pressing elements into thin sheet. We have cooperated for several years with a major European manufacturer of pressing elements. In 2005, we started to cooperate with a certified manufacturer of pressing elements from Asia.

Our activities have over time gained such a momentum that we are currently exporting pressing elements and related products to the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Hungary.


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    Our suppliers are renowned foreign companies that supply their products to the world’s largest TV producers for a long time. High quality of their production is ensured by certification according to ISO9001:2000, ISO 14001, PQA for metallurgical material, IPQC for production process testing, OQC for final inspection, critical dimension scanning and other measures. All of their products comply with ROHS Directives.


    Our customers are top Slovak companies in the field of sheet metal processing as well as foreign companies that use our self-clinching fasteners for components for the production of PHILIPS and SAMSUNG TV-sets.


    In the warehouse in Bratislava we have stored more than 3 million pieces of the self-clinching fasteners. Ordered goods are delivered in Slovakia within 24 hours by UPS courier service. We send goods to neighbouring countries by transport companies DPD and GLS.

    Advantages of pressing element technology:

    – even in thin sheets (from a thickness of 0.5 mm) it is possible to stress the joints with great force
    – it is possible to reduce the construction thickness of the sheet – we get a significant saving of material
    – it is not necessary to additionally machine the punched hole (eg by countersinking)
    – reduction of installation costs, which is simple, fast and safe
    – shortening the production cycle of products – it is possible to use sheet metal with a surface treatment
    – the surface of the sheet is not damaged – high accuracy of the element placement (position of the element axis in x, y coordinates)
    – perfect perpendicularity of the axis of the elements to the plane of the sheet
    – the back of the sheet is not damaged (no bulges)
    – no additional thread cutting is required
    – the thread is much better and more durable than a thread cut directly into a thick plate
    – excellent strength even in non-ferrous metal sheets
    – guaranteed electrical conductivity between the sheet metal and the pressed element
    – technology creates completely new production possibilities

    Typical areas of application of pressing elements:

    – light engineering (production of sheet metal products and steel profiles)
    – E.g. medical devices, cars, aviation technology
    – low current electrical engineering (PCB fastening, production of TV receivers)
    – high current electrical engineering (switchboard production)

    Why work with us?

    TOP 7 reasons why our customers recommend us to their friends:
    1. Quick customer service response
    2. High quality and top design awarded with a series of prices
    3. Wide range also supported by 3D models
    4. High-quality central warehouse in Vienna and Bratislava
    5. Adherence to delivery deadlines
    6. Long-term cooperation and friendly employees of the company
    7. Clear websites and catalogs