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    Powerful press with unique parameters

    PRIMA MAXI is just as flexible as the smaller PRIMA INSERTER type, but at the same time it can develop a much greater force in the range of 150 – 7000 kp. With interchangeable attachments, it can also handle pressing into pipes and boxes.


    PRIMA MAXI 450 is a compact, convenient, flexible, easy-to-use and maintainable press for all types of pressing elements. It will interest everyone who works in the field of sheet metal processing.

    SAFETY The reduced gap between the punch and the anvil significantly reduces the risk of injury to the operator.

    THE EVEN MORE VERSATILE PRIMA MAXI design allows you to maintain the versatility of the smaller PRIMA INSERTER type, but with its interchangeable extensions it can handle pressing into pipes (photo 1 and photo 2) as well as into boxes up to 900 mm and a depth of 600 mm.

    Excentrická nákova umožňuje zalisovať spojovacie prvky blízko rohu, alebo ohybu v plechovom výlisku.

    POWERFUL PRIMA MAXI can develop a force in the range of 150 – 7000 kp.

    FAST PRIMA MAXI is a fully pneumatic press with high speed (1 working cycle / 1 s). Other machines in a similar category are either hydraulic or hydraulic-pneumatic and therefore slower.

    AFFORDABLE AND LOW-COST MAINTENANCE pneumatic press, PRIMA MAXI does not need oil change or complex maintenance. Just keep it clean and lubricate regularly. In this category, this press has the least maintenance requirements.


    Descending / ascending / and counter of pressed elements
    Easy to read LED display
    Adjustable pressing force and pressing time
    Automatic fault diagnosis.

    QUALITY PRIMA MAXI components of the highest quality, with a long service life, were used in the production. The air pressure regulator, pneumatic cylinder, electric valves and other components are from reputable manufacturers: SMC Japan (market leader), switches from Matshushita and Nikkai Japan.

    PRIMA MAXI INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS is manufactured according to international standards:

    CEI EN 61000-6-4: 2007; CEI EN 61000-3-2: 2007; CEI EN 61000-6-2: 2006;

    CEI EN 60204-1: 2006; CEI EN 61000-3-3: 2009; CEI EN 55011: 2011

    QUALITY AND PRICE RATIO Despite all the features listed above, PRIMA MAXI has the best value for money in its category.

    All the above-mentioned benefits will surely be appreciated by every demanding customer.