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    Unique features of the PRIMA INSERTER press

    The Prima Inserter pneumatic press has unique parameters that other presses in the same category do not have.

    Watch a short video about the Prima Inserter press.

    PRIMA INSERTER (PI) is designed for all types of sheet metal stamping elements. It is compact in design, variable and very economical. It is characterized by simple operation and easy maintenance. It can be used in practically every operation that deals with sheet metal processing.


    The reduced gap between the punch and the anvil reduces the risk of injury to the operator.


    High flexibility

    Extension no. 1 makes it possible to press the connecting elements into C-shaped profiles

    Nastavec 1aNastavec 1b

    Extension no. 2 makes it possible to write fasteners into box parts.

    Nastavec 2aNastavec 2b

    Nastavec 2cNastavec 2d

    The eccentric die allows us to press the connecting elements close to the corner or bend in the sheet metal stamping.



    PI can develop pressing forces in the range from 2800 to 60,000 N depending on the air pressure used and the point of rotation of the arm.

    See table:

    Pressing force

    pivot point 1 (pin in hole 1)

    Pressing force

    pivot point 2 (pin in hole 2)

    1 atm 0,280 t 1 atm 0,860 t
    2 atm 0,570 t 2 atm 1,720 t
    3 atm 0,860 t 3 atm 2,580 t
    4 atm 1,150 t 4 atm 3,450 t
    5 atm 1,440 t 5 atm 4,310 t
    6 atm 1,790 t 6 atm 5,180 t
    7 atm 2,010 t 7 atm 6,040 t


    PI is a fully pneumatic press with which we can achieve a higher speed (1 working cycle / 1 s) than with other machines of a similar category. These are either hydraulic or hydraulic-pneumatic and are therefore slower.

    Affordability and low maintenance costs

    PI does not need oil change or complicated maintenance. Just keep it clean and lubricate regularly. In this category, this press has the lowest maintenance requirements.

    Control panel with memory

    Descending (ascending) counter of pressed elements

    Easy to read LED display

    Adjustable pressing force and pressing time

    Automatic fault diagnosis.


    The highest quality, long-lasting components are used in the production of PI. The air pressure regulator, pneumatic cylinder, electric valves and other components are from reputable manufacturers: SMC Japan (market leader), sliding parts are from Bosch Rexroth, switches from Matshushita and Nikkai Japan.

    International standards

    PI is manufactured according to international CE standards.

    Also in accordance with Australian standard AS1219 -1994

    The press passed the following test:

    Electromagnetic compatibility

    Electrical safety

    Laser spectroscopy

    Value for money

    PI has the best value for money. Despite the exceptional parameters, it is the most cost-effective press in its category.

    Authorized dealer:

    IMP Kontakt, s.r.o.,

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    E-mail: obchod@impkontakt.sk
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