The BaerCoil® system makes it possible to significantly increase the strength of threaded joints. Application of BaerCoil inserts is not time-consuming or different products and it is easy to learn. It offers designers new possibilities in the design of threaded joints. They can achieve comparable threaded joint strength, with fewer threads and smaller bolt sizes. Reducing their length can also save material on the part itself. A great advantage is the possibility to repair threads directly from hand when using a screw cutting tap.

Threaded inserts made of steel wire are threaded into a thread that was previously formed with a special cutting tap. This technology can be used not only in production but also in repairing torn threads. In addition, BaerCoil® also offers thread-reinforcing technology (forming tap). In combination with threaded inserts, we can achieve maximum increase in the strength of the threaded joint. However, the forming tap can only be used in production, not in repairs, which are usually done by hand.


    Dopytované položky

    The thread does not cut, but forms. For this, special BaerCoil® forming taps are used, which compact the material and form it into a thread. As a result, such a thread, into which a threaded insert made of steel wire is fitted, can withstand a much higher load. Thread forming is faster than cutting and chips are not formed. In addition, the forming tap has a longer service life.

    Threaded inserts for thread repair and thread reinforcement. With the help of inserts we achieve higher strength of threaded joints made according to DIN 8140 and other standards materials AISI304, AISI316, Inconel X-750 and others

    Self-tapping threaded inserts for thread strengthening or repair

    The BaerGrip ratchet is truly versatile. As the only 1/4 ″ ratchet on the market, it can be used: with wing handle (T-handle) with one-sided short L-handle (very useful in confined spaces) with extended L-handle