Press Prima Inserter / Press Prima Inserter Maxi 450

Press Prima Inserter for installing press-riveted fasteners into sheet metal

The press Prima Inserter Maxi is a compact device featuring high productivity and low space requirements. It is constructed of high quality components, ensuring a long service life and reliability. It is characterised by simple operation and easy maintenance.

Advantages of pressing element technology:

  • even in thin sheets (from a thickness of 0.5 mm) it is possible to stress the joints with great force
  • it is possible to reduce the construction thickness of the sheet – we get a significant saving of material
  • it is not necessary to additionally machine the punched hole (eg by countersinking)
  • reduction of installation costs, which is simple, fast and safe
  • shortening the production cycle of products – it is possible to use sheet metal with a surface treatment
  • the surface of the sheet is not damaged – high accuracy of the element placement (position of the element axis in x, y coordinates)
  • perfect perpendicularity of the axis of the elements to the plane of the sheet
  • the back of the sheet is not damaged (no bulges)
  • no additional thread cutting is required
  • the thread is much better and more durable than a thread cut directly into a thick plate
  • excellent strength even in non-ferrous metal sheets
  • guaranteed electrical conductivity between the sheet metal and the pressed element
  • technology creates completely new production possibilities

More information about the technology of pressing elements

Typical areas of application of pressing elements:

  • light engineering (production of sheet metal products and steel profiles)
  • E.g. medical devices, cars, aviation technology
  • low current electrical engineering (PCB fastening, production of TV receivers)
  • high current electrical engineering (switchboard production)

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