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      We are a trading company that has been operating on the Slovak market since 1997.


        Dopytované položky

        Why work with us?

        Read the TOP 10 reasons why our customers recommend us to their friends (from the IMP Kontakt satisfaction questionnaires, 2018):

        1. Prompt response of customer service, customer care
        2. High quality and top design awarded with a series of awards
        3. Speed ​​of delivery
        4. Suggestions for solving customer problems
        5. Expertise resulting from 21 years of market experience
        6. Wide range supported by 3D models, the possibility of quick and easy download of 3D models
        7. Well-stocked central warehouse in Vienna and Bratislava
        8. Adherence to delivery dates
        9. Long-term cooperation and willing employees of the company
        10. Clear websites and catalogs

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        Dozens of shipments sent per day to the EU.
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        RIVER NUTS

        It is used to create a thread in thin materials (Most often sheet metal, plastic), especially in those cases where the material is not strong enough to be able to use threading technology.

        We produce them in various designs and materials (galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum). Special riveting pliers are used for their application, either with manual or pneumatic drive.

        Their advantages include low price, fast application, high joint strength, wide range of applications.

        Dimensions: from M3- M12


        They are fasteners designed for application in thin sheets. A special capacitor device is used for their welding, such as the C66 or C99 & devices we offer.

        We divide them into screws with external thread, pins without thread and pins with internal thread.
        Another division is then according to the material from which the element is made, either copper steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

        A special brass design is available on request.
        They are most often used in the production of electronics, home appliances, switchboards, etc.

        The advantage of welding elements is fast application, high repeatability and favorable price of the device and the elements themselves.


        In the Slovak Republic, we were pioneers of the technology of pressing elements into thin sheet. We have cooperated for several years with a major European manufacturer of pressing elements. In 2005, we started to cooperate with a certified manufacturer of pressing elements from Asia.
        Our activities have over time gained such a momentum that we are currently exporting pressing elements and related products to the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Hungary.


        In the Slovak Republic we were pioneers of Recoil and Baer threaded inserts technology.

        For the range of goods of Recoil (spring threaded inserts), we got in 2005 from all European sellers from a company Alcoa Fastening Systems Ltd. an award for the highest commercial turnover dynamics.