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    Dopytované položky

    TOP 7 reasons why it pays to work with us:

    1. We provide qualified customer service
    2. We have many years of experience and proven suppliers in the field of rivet nuts
    3. Delivery time up to 24 hours also in Czech crowns
    4. Dozens of shipments per day to the Czech Republic
    5. You have free shipping for orders over 50 € without VAT (end customer), respectively. over 125 € without VAT (seller), over 2000 CZK without VAT (end customer) or 5000 CZK without VAT (seller)
    6. You have clear catalogs on our website and paper versions of the catalogs are also available
    7. We provide a quantity discount or special contract prices

    We make price offers for all types of riveting elements, or even some special ones.

    We send the prices after filling in the request for elaboration of the price offer.

    Payment is also possible in Czech crowns.

    Dozens of shipments sent per day to the Czech Republic.

    Delivery in 24-48 hours.

    The rivet nuts are used to create a thread in thin materials (most often sheet metal, plastic, etc.), in those cases where the material is not strong enough to be able to use threading technology.

    We produce rivet nuts in various designs and materials (galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum).

    Special riveting pliers are used for their application, either with manual or pneumatic drive.

    Their advantages include low price, fast application, high joint strength, wide range of applications.

    The focus of our export activities is the sale of riveting and pressing elements for sheet metal. Our product range is suitably complemented by welding pins and screws, rivets and nuts in the cage. A wide network of suppliers allows us to meet special customer requirements.

    The high level of our customer service and the range of standard quality have enabled us to develop into a major supplier of special fasteners in Central Europe. Our customers are important Slovak and foreign companies in the field of sheet metal processing.

    The sequence of steps required to obtain the ISO 9001: 2009 / ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificates logically resulted in the creation of a quality control department for the goods. It also includes a Rockwell hardness tester with professional operation. In this way, we can offer our customers a high standard of service.

    IMP Kontakt spol. Ltd. in numbers:

    20 employees, including 3 sales representatives of the company
    More than 1000 invoices issued per month
    Warehouse in Bratislava with more than 10 million elements
    Over 40,000 catalog items

    Our connection technologies find various uses in the automotive and food industries.

    In addition, you can find them in heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioning units, office furniture, buildings, civil engineering, climbing walls, swimming pools, electrical and electronic products, cash registers and the like.